WTS Hamburg’s Fast and Furious Weekend

One weekend – two (hard fought) races


This past weekend I had again two races in a row, this time in Hamburg, Germany. First the WTS individual sprint race on Saturday and then the Team Relay World Championships followed on the Sunday.

Brett Sutton wanted me to race without tapering. The big race – the European Championships will be in Glasgow in 4 weeks so I was a bit nervous flying into Hamburg, the fastest race in the season. But I didn’t have to worry, my fitness was on top. Plus, Hamburg like Leeds always delivers in terms of atmosphere and gives you that extra adrenaline kick.

The sprint race on Saturday was a very fast tempo. For me, it went very well and I managed to run the 5k in 15:05 after a very hard bike leg – everybody wants to have a good result at this race! The 26th place on paper was not a great reward for a strong race but that is Hamburg, all the top athletes race here. So for me this was a great test, to see my training is going in the right direction!

Onto Sunday and I had good feeling waking up, ready for the team relay! My legs recovered really well and I was ready to smash it. With The Champ, Nicola Spirig in the relay, we had a strong team and chances to land a top result. Julie Derron made the start and came back with a strong result, sending me off only 14sec behind the leaders. I pushed as hard as I could on the swim, and closed the gap to the front only slightly. All the nations had picked their fastest swimmer for the 2nd turn.

I was very unlucky and landed in the second bike group, in the front was France, Germany, GB and USA, all with strong riders. I was with Aaron Royle from Australia and we worked so hard on the bike to get that gap closed. With us in the group was Japan, Italia and the Netherlands. But Royle and I had done most of the work.

I got off the bike so tired, that I was surprised and super happy at how well my legs were still running ;) I think this race was one of my first all out, full gas, maximum power race!

I sprinted through the finish line to make the gap to the other athletes as short as possible for Nicola. Totally exhausted I fell down and needed some time to recover my breathing. But happy and satisfied knowing I’d left it ALL out on the course!

Nicola had a great race as well. A little bit unlucky when she lost one shoe on the bike, but never the less she managed to get back all the lost time with a strong bike!

Finally with Adrien Brifford as the last athlete we finished with 8th place. Content with the performances although I was hoping for a top 5 with the team.

Now it’s time to target the European Champs in 4 weeks ;)


Andrea Salvisberg

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