Time to push harder

After my strong Olympic year in 2016, the 2017 season was not what I was hoping for. I've promised myself 2018 is going to be much stronger and faster - you heard it here first.


I am motivated to put even more hours into training and already have spent a lot of sweat on the track field in Wallisellen.

After 8 days on Gran Canaria, I am spending now two weeks in Wallisellen. It's mega cold here in Switzerland at this time of year but with the right gear, i get out on the bike and ride outside in the cold as much as possible.

I'm lucky that swimming in Water World is fun and the support we have had there for all these years is unrivalled. Not only that, but on our doorstep are huge forests to get lost in whilst running so daily training is never a chore.

On February 10 I'll leave for Stellenbosch with the Austrian team for some last bits of work to prepare my body for the hot and fast WTS race in Abu Dhabi. I'm looking forward to that F1 track again!

Bring on the new season!


Andrea Salvisberg

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