The inaugural WTS Bermuda race

High dives, rough seas, sharp climbs and a few learnings to be ready for Yokohama


Finally, I got my strong swim back! After one of the highest dive starts on the WTS circuit at 2m, it made for a challenging start. But if you’ve seen the Super League Triathlon from last year, you’ll already know that I enjoy diving! After the horn we were swimming for 100m all the guys on one line. But I managed to break out and could push ahead of that big line of athletes all on the same wave. Being one of the first at the buoy, I had a lot of space and did not fight once on the 1.5km choppy ocean swim. I came out of the water in 6th – mega - a big confident boost.

Onto the bike where it was always up and down. When racing with the Brownlee's we generally push a constant pace over the 40km, however in Bermuda it was just a big sprint up the hill (multiply that by 10 – yep, 10 laps) and then easy for a couple km's. But it was getting tiring and I felt the dead legs coming into the transition zone. I didn’t manage to be in a pole position coming into transition, whereas normally I manage to be one of the first guys off the bike ;) I felt that I wasn’t 100% fit and focused.

Nevertheless I ran like hell and gave it my all. 4 laps of a 2.5km course with a super steep sharp hill (who knew Bermuda was so hilly!). After the first lap I started to feel better, my legs were coming back to me, and I ran better and better and found a good rhythm. I came across the line in 22nd place and sadly without a smile on my face! I think something like 10 athletes DNF’d in the race which goes to show how challenging the course was. Congrats to the boys from Norway for making history by taking over the podium.

In 2 weeks time I have the chance again to rise and shine, appropriately in the land of the rising sun. See you in Yokohama!

Until then, keep the smiles and run the miles


Andrea Salvisberg

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