Recovery, Reflection and Determination

Finally, a five-week break in Thailand - let your head breathe, allow your mind to wander, grant your body a rest and experience exciting encounters and experiences.


Yo! Florin here! I was able to enjoy my time in Thailand to the fullest. The opportunity came at the right time; it was the end of the triathlon season, I had just finished my year-long internship at The Adecco Group supporting a program called Win4Youth (I found this via the Athlete Career Program - more on this later in the year) and the after-effects of an infection had finally disappeared. During my time meeting new people, hearing inspirational stories, seeing incredible sights, it became clear to me more than ever that I really wanted to do everything I could to do my best in triathlon. I've had to take control and make changes to help me reach my goals.

Since December 1st I've been training with the squad of Brett Sutton. For those of you who don't know Brett, he trains some of the best triathletes in world. He trained Nicola Spirig to Gold during the 2012 London Olympics, and Silver in Rio in 2016. Another of his athletes is Daniela Ryf who recently won the Ironman World Championship (for the 3rd time). I have already completed my first training camp in Gran Canaria, Spain. I feel mega privileged to train with Nicola and to be trained by the best coach in the world, but most importantly massively motivated.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season as I am sure that I can use a lot of what I have learned in Thailand, and you can be sure that you will hear from me many more times this year.


Florin Salvisberg

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