On the podium at Military World Championships, Sweden

Two uniforms to transport from Zurich to Lidköping and both have to look immaculate, after all I’m serving my country


This was a little bit different to what we are used to doing at an international Triathlon with the ITU or Super League Triathlon!

Firstly, there was no briefing where in comparison to the ITU, there is a mandatory briefing, which if you are late to, you will receive a 10 second penalty at the start of the race. Ask my bro Florin about the WTS Antwerp ;) – 5th out of the water by the way on his return to International level – good work bro!

We had to attend the opening ceremony which took quite some time of waiting. Of course, it was O.K., we were part of the military, and we all know, that this is normal ;) Note to self - compression socks required next time!

Thanks to our top supporters Marco Schifferle and Martin Egger, we were really well prepared for the race! They gave me a great (unofficial) briefing to give us all the in-race information and also a bit of carrying our bags as well, so we were able to warm up - thanks a lot!

I was quite well at ease before the race. I prefer to compete in the morning – I was fresh and ready to get going in Lidköping as the race started at 9:20 am.

The gun went off and I had a couple meters to fight off the competitors and place myself in the top three, behind LeCorre and Aurelien. After that I could kind of sit back and enjoy the show. I left the water with a good feeling and had a great transition onto the bike.

As fast as possible I pushed on to keep the pace high, so we ended up in a group of four guys and we worked pretty well together. Nevertheless the chase pack of 6 managed to pick us up in the last lap and coming into T2 we were 10 guys getting ready to run. But all those 6 guys had worked as hard as we had been and everybody seemed pretty tired. I definitely felt an opportunity was in my grasp.

I started the 10km with good legs, but only in 8th position. “Relax” I said to myself, it’s 10km (I’m used to the 5km races at the moment). Already in the second lap I picked off 3 guys and found myself in the top 5. And after 5km I reached the Russian Bryukhankovin in 3rd place. I overtook him and waited for his attack to follow me, but it never came. I pushed hard and on the last lap it was clear, that I would finish on the podium!

I was SUPER happy to finish the 10k in 31:56 and come away with a Bronze Medal at the Military WC. An absolute first one for Switzerland, and to echo the words of our awesome supporter Martin Egger “It made my day and made me proud, proud to be Swiss and happy to be able to give something back to the Swiss Military and Swiss Triathlon for all the years of support”.

I’m looking forward to the next possibility to line up for my country and to get the support I need for further exploits...


Andrea Salvisberg

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