Lighting it up at the Nightrun

The Brothers first race together at the 10km Nightrun in Wallisellen


This Saturday just gone, I was finally back on the start line. And this time alongside my older brother Andrea. The Glatt Night Run is only into it’s 2nd year, but already there’s lots of runners and a great atmosphere, thanks to the unusual course that starts in a big shopping centre and takes you out of town, through the woods and back. For us, this was our home run.  We live just next door to the Glattzentrum and we are in the shopping centre almost every day, doing grocery shopping, or grabbing a quick coffee before heading onto our next training session.

With the sun down for the day, head torches and crazy bright fluorescent coloured clothes seemed to be the unspecified dress code. With the run starting just after 8pm, it REALLY WAS a night-run and subsequently, you were not able to see an awful lot, but we know the area well and so it was no problem for us at all.

Off the start line, Andrea took the lead and pushed a hard pace which I could follow for the first 3kms or so, and then I had to reduce my speed and find my own pace. For me it was great to follow Andrea on the first few kms and see that I still have some speed left inside me, afterward it was really tough to pick up my own pace and finish the 10km strong.

Andrea finished the 10kms fast in 31’07’’ and crossed the line first (congrats Bro!). 2nd across the line was David Hauss, 4th place Olympian at London 2012. I was able to secure the last placrr on the podium in a time of 32’30”! Considering the circumstances, we both were really happy with the race. Andrea had just finished a hard week of training, in preparation for his next World Triathlon Series Race in Bermuda, next month and I had my first kind of test race after three months of building up.

Big smiles for the Salvisberg Bros! Now back to training, because it’s time to get even more strong (and we love it!)!


Florin Salvisberg

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