International Walliseller Triathlon

The Walliseller Triathlon kicks of the Swiss Tri Circuit season, and every year we look forward to this race.


Florin and I are originally from Bern, but we’ve been based in the small town of Wallisellen, just outside of Zurich for some years now. Sven Riederer is doing a great job bringing some of the best athletes to the race, so the competition is always tough. This year was no exception. We had a mix of Swiss, German and Austrian Triathletes - a total of 60 on the start line.

As this is not a World Cup event, we had to get our heads down, jump in the pool and put in what we had left after a mega hard week of training, so the young and wild athletes challenged us on the weekend!

Climbing out of the pool after 600m in 6:57 was already 30 seconds faster than last years time, we had to push really hard to follow the young German Hackenjos. On the bike a group of 12 athletes came together and we tried to push the 14km as hard as possible! But the group didn’t work so well together, allowing the chasing pack to pick us up. By the end of the bike, we were now a group of 30 entering the small transition zone, with only a short 4km run ahead of us, making it anyone’s race for the taking.

As always everybody sprinted out of transition and after the first km we had managed to gap the main pack. A group of 5 guys; Florin and I plus 3 of our German competitors, moving towards the second lap. We ran together in the small group until the last km, where I tried to attack and break away from the young sprinters. Florin and another athlete had to settle their pace whilst the remaining 2 managed to run with me.

On the last little part uphill, one of the youngsters attacked with a crazy fast speed and I didn’t manage to stay with him. Even on the downhill I dug deep to increase the speed but the gap didn’t close and I finished 2nd only a few seconds behind Valentin Wernz.

Florin came in a brilliant 5th as the 2nd Swiss making a great comeback to racing! Pretty soon we’ll be back for more racing together. For me, next stop WTS Bermuda – see you in a couple of weeks.


Andrea Salvisberg

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